How Alphonse Chapanis, a young psychologist, saved the lives of WWII pilots through clever design.

Collage of Alphonso Chapanis and B-17 bomber

This is the story of a novel and powerful way to visualise your user’s journey, and a traumatising childhood gaming experience.

Listening is a vital UX skill we can all get better at, and a chatbot experiment from the 1960s teaches us how.

Collage of two women talking and listening

Designers should not be mere decorators, but have an understanding of language and microcopy, a crucial design skill, now more than ever.

14 hugely interesting and educational podcasts on design, creativity and psychology to fill any learning void.

Quirky illsutation of a man wearing headphones receiving podcasts by radar

Steve Job’s challenge to the engineers of the first iPad keyboard is an excellent lesson to us all.

Collage of Steve Jobs scanning an iPad

Collage of hands drawing a musical score with shapes and symbols

David Hall

Product designer

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